Organic Wool Mattress

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Superior Organic Wool Mattress
This superior wool mattress has 1350 calico pocket springs.2400gm of organic British wool ..
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Calico pocket sprung mattresses are the height of comfort, hand nested pocket springs sewn into natural calico sleeves that individually respond to pressure provide support where its needed yet allow hips and shoulders to gently sink into the mattress to create the perfect sleeping posture, and because each spring is independent there is less disturbance from your partners turning and movement during the night.

Deep layers of pure British organic wool wadding provide further comfort and warmth without the need for fire retardents, whilst providing a naturally anti-bacterial and mould resistant mattress filling.

The side panels of the mattress are given extra rigidity either through the use of butterfly clips or by hand sewing.  Both methods enable the full width of the mattress to be utilised without the sides collapsing.

Unlike a standard polyester mattress, 100% pure wool mattresses are naturally highly insulated, providing a sleeping surface that is quick to warm.

Which spring firmness to choose?

A mattress should support your weight gently without hard pressure points on your hips, shoulders and knees, but equally should not sag under your weight.  If you have a light frame or suffer from aching joints and pressure points in bed then go for the soft spring.  If you have a heavier frame then the medium spring is for you.

All of our Organic Wool Mattresses are handcrafted in Britain using 100% organic British wool waddings and 100% organic cotton mattress tickings.  The mattresses are all naturally fire retardent and conform to fire saftey regulations without the need for chemical fire retardents.

**please note, our mattresses are made to order and have a delivery time of up to six weeks. Actually delivery dates will be confirmed shortly after ordering.

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