The benefits of wool

Why is wool the best choice for duvets?

WOOL is the worlds most breathable natural fibre known to man.

How is wool different to other types of duvet?
Synthetic, feather, and down duvets are all insulators, they trap heat and don't release it, this is fine when you first get into bed but during the night your body gets hotter and hotter when really to get a good nights' sleep your body temperature needs to drop slightly.  Once you overheat you automatically wake up, throw the duvet off, pull it back on again, throw it know the story, poor quality sleep all around.

Wool is a fibre that constantly reacts to heat and moisture.  When the wool is on the sheep it constantly adapts to either move heat away from the body or trap heat near to the body depending on the weather, and that's exactly what it does when it's in a duvet.

How does wool work?

Every strand of wool is covered in scales that open and close according to heat and moisture levels.  These scales trap moisture which is then transported to the cooler drier air away from the body. At a set point the wool will rapidly increase its rate of absobtion and dispersion, this point is known as the 'glass transition' point.

Wool is naturally anti bacterial and naturally resistant to mould growth.  Bacteria is attracted to the positive charge on a synthetic fibre, wool has no charge so doesn't attract bacteria. The moisture molecules from your body bind to the wool's scaly structure which means the moisture isn't available to the microbes that create odour, the moisture then passes out into the drier air of the room.  Wool is naturally a cleaner fibre than either synthetic or down.

A Wool duvet is naturally breathable, transporting heat and moisture away from the skin so the duvet never feels damp.  

Wool is naturally fire resistant and our duvets have not been treated with chemical fire retardents.

Wool is 100% sustainable. Every year millions of sheep in the UK are shorn and the fleece slowly grows back in time for winter.

Wool is 100% biodegradable. 

The I AM Organic duvet is…a 100% natural woolen duvet. We don’t add any chemicals to our wool or change its consistency in any way. Did you know that to make wool fully machine washable and able to withstand a tumble dryer, every fibre has to be stripped with chlorine which diminishes its natural properties? You will be glad to know we don’t do this to our wool.

Our wool duvets just come straight from EWE to YOU (with a bit of washing and carding and quilting in- between)

An I AM Organic wool duvet…has a small carbon footprint, it hasn't had to travel half way round the world to be manufactured, then round the other half to get back to you. It’s a British product, made in Britain.

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