About Us

I Am Organic is a family run business owned and run by husband and wife team Roger and Lesley.

We have a background in farming and still run a small farm in Snowdonia.  Our aim from the beginning was to find a way to help farmers get a better price for their wool and to use this natural resource to produce a sustainable, eco friendly, high quality product

The original plan was to find a manufacturer who could make wool duvets for us, but as there was no one in the UK with the necessary skills or machinery to do this we decided we'd have to do it ourselves.  We gathered together a team of people with the expertise required and after much hard work and determination created a production process for wool duvets in the UK.

We now use wool sourced from local farmers who have generations of experience in sheep rearing, and we  turn that wool into the finest quality wool duvets on the market. 

Our farm house

Our border collie Moss working the sheep

Rebuilding a stone wall on the farm

Our industrial unit in Harlech, North Wales

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